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April 19 2001

The 2001 Smiths/Morrissey Convention Weekend

The 2001 Smiths/Morrissey Convention Weekend will be held at The Palace (1735 North Vine Street Hollywood, California) April 28th and 29th.

Go here for more info
March 11 2000

More DVD info

The Complete Picture is now listed over at The price is 13.99 US dollars. The release date is still April 4th.
February 2 2000

New DVD release date

The Complete Picture is now set to be released on April 4.
December 8 1999

DVD release date

The Smiths DVD, "The Complete Picture", is set to be released on February 22. "Oye Esteban!" still has no specific date.
November 30 1999

Dublin venue change

The two shows at the National Concert Hall has been cancelled. Instead, Morrissey will perform at The Olympia Theatre december 2nd (ie only one show in Dublin).
November 18 1999

SACK to support in US

Apparently, Morrissey is very pleased with his support act, Sack. They will continue to open for him on the second trip to the states.
November 1 1999

Frankly Vulgar no more

Frankly Vulgar, the Smiths and Morrissey mp3 archive, has shut down permanently. Read the final statement.
October 19 1999

Dresden info

The Dresden tickets ARE valid for the Leipzig show!

Apparently, Morrissey didn't cancel the show just because of the venue-name. Read more at Morrissey-Solo
October 12 1999

Moz-night in Stockholm Oct 25

After the gig in Stockholm, there will be a Moz-night at the Manchester Club HAPPY MANDAYS. Those interested can come to Hannas Källare, Skanegatan 80, have a drink and then move on to the club at Norra Bantorget. Tom Pyl will be guest DJ.

More info:
Tel. + 46 70 7256141
October 8 1999

Show cancelled

The Las Vegas concert at the House of Blues 7/10 was cancelled. It appears that guitarist Alain Whyte has a bad back and couldn't go through with the show. It is possible that he was injured when fans rushed the stage at the Santa Barbara gig. An offical statement said that Morrissey may return to Las Vegas later in October.
September 30 1999

DVD's pushed back

The Morrissey and Smiths DVD's will not be released in December as planned. Instead the new date is sometime next year.

KROQ chat excerpt

About favorite song:
It's called "Reader Meets Author"

About touring:
It's the best part of being involved in music. B/c it's the most free part.

About reading fan sites:
I'm told about them, without having to read them. I have a Web site slave.

About the next album:
The next album has been written but has yet to be recorded b/c I'm waiting to find a new deal. But the songs are the best yet.
September 25 1999

Chat with Morrissey

Morrissey will be chatting online at KROQ.COM on Wednesday, Sept 29. Starts at 6:00pm.

Morrissey in Dr. Martens Book

A Dr. Martens book is about to be released. On Thursday, September 30th, Madness will be at Dr. Martens store in Covent Garden (London) signing the book. There will also be a limited edition of "Madness boots" on sale.

"The book, which chronicles almost 40 years of Dr. Martens association with music and youth culture, will be available free with every purchase of Dr. Martens footwear and clothing from October 4th at participating UK retailers. The book celebrates Dr. Martens and features bands such as Blur, The Manics, Depeche Mode, Morrissey and Suede. It includes previously unseen images from some of the world’s most renowned photographers."

Dr. Martens
September 13 1999

Morrissey till Stockholm

Morrissey kommer till Stockholm den 25:e oktober. Han uppträder på Arenan och biljetterna släpps den 16:e september.
(Källa: Håkan Steen, Aftonbladet)
August 11 1999

Long-Lost Morrissey Videos on DVD

Morrissey has sent the folks at Reprise on a bit of a musical scavenger hunt to come up with some long-lost videos to include with his upcoming DVD release. The plan is that all of his videos will appear. The guys at Reprise have been working hard, trying to track down some never-before-seen videos, including "Seasick, Yet Still Docked" and "Hold On To Your Friends."

Oye Esteban!, as the DVD is named, will probably include 19 videos and will be released before Christmas at the same time Reprise releases the Smiths DVD titled, The Smiths: The Complete Picture.