Smiths disco
Solo disco
see, the luck I've had would make a good man turn bad

Melody Maker 1983
Morrissey reveals the significance of the flowers.

Hot Press 1984
Morrissey talks about suicide, religion and London.

Undress 1984
Morrissey talks fashion.

NME 1985
Morrissey discusses his heroes and the sausage incident.

Melody Maker 1986
Morrissey talks about the black-pop conspiracy and celibacy.

NME 1988
Morrissey shares his thoughts on success, Oscar Wilde, football and death.

Blitz 1988
Morrissey talks about his new album at the time, Viva Hate.

NME 1989
Morrissey on fame, perfectionism and jazz.

The Face 1990
Morrissey talks sexuality, The Smiths and ecstasy.

Select 1991
Morrissey talks Michael Stipe, 7-inch singles and young fans.

Details 1992
Morrissey discusses depression, sexual urges and different styles of music.

Vox 1993
Morrissey talks about Nigel Thomas' death.

Raygun 1994
Morrissey reveals his thoughts on his solo career and the death of Mick Ronson.

Q Magazine 1995
Morrissey discusses Cantona, Hugh Grant and Cobain's suicide.

RTE 1996
Morrissey talks Southpaw Grammar and the Bowie tour.

The Big Issue 1997
Morrissey talks about his decline in popularity and "Loose Angela".

Rolling Stone 1999
Morrissey answers questions about new albums and the making of songs.

The Face 1999
Morrissey talks about his current residence in LA, how he stays fit and evil judge John Weeks.