MORRISSEY in Stockholm 25/10 - 99

The show was very good. Sack did a nice performance, but the wait between them and Morrissey was a little too long. Great finish by Morrissey with "Tomorrow", "Meat Is Murder" and "Last Night". A bad thing was that there was no place to put jackets. Curiosity: both the singer of "Weeping Willows" and "Yvonne" (Swedish bands) were seen in the crowd.


you're gonna need
boy racer
billy budd
reader meet author
is it really so strange
hairdresser on fire
roy's keen
break up the family
trouble loves me
now my heart is full
meat is murder
last night i dreamt

M. Ivarsson from the newspaper Expressen gave the concert 2 out of 5.
"Fascinating performance but the band was flat, dull and dominated by a 'howling' rockabilly-guitarist"