Rolling Stone, Sept 1999

Rolling Stone: "Were you angry about the reactions (and reviews) according to Maladjusted, arguably your most beautiful and accomplished solo album? Is the British press maladjusted, and what can you do about it?"
Morrissey: "If thereís one thing Iíve grown to NOT expect itís good reviews. The ONLY thing from me that the British press will review positively is my death."

Rolling Stone: "Are you still living in Spain? Did you escape from England?"
Morrissey: "Iíve lived for the best part of the last two years in Los Angeles, where I remain, and which I even quite like. All the awful cliches about Los Angeles are, of course true. But I feel less affected by them than most, because I happen to think that ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE are mad."

Rolling Stone: "Will you sign a new record contract soon?"
Morrissey: "Yes. My manager (Elliot Roberts) is on the lookout for a good deal for me."

Rolling Stone: "Will you record new records at all?"
Morrissey: "Oh, yes. I still love singing. I have a complete album ready to record, and the songs are very strong."

Rolling Stone: "How do you work with music composers on songs? Do they work with your lyrics?"
Morrissey: "Nobody ever works with the lyrics. I just take the basics of a backing track and shout along to it for a few days, seeing where the syllables land, and seeing how the words balance out. Suddenly the lyrics form, and a configuration presents itself. I never jam, and almost never rehearse. Iím just very lucky that whatever it is that I do eventually becomes music."

Rolling Stone: "Are you happy with your recent albums?"
Morrissey: "Very. Especially Your Arsenal, Vauxhall And I, and Southpaw Grammar. Iím thrilled that those three albums exist. They are great Company for me."

Rolling Stone: "Whatís the reason for the current tour, and why did you give it a title?"
Morrissey: "The only true reason for the tour is because I want to sing, and because we want to play. There is no record company, there is no promotional scheme. I just want to stand on a stage and sing."

Rolling Stone: "Which authors do you prefer at the moment? Do you read novels as well, and philosophy?"
Morrissey: "I am only a skimmer these days. I buy lots of books and flick through them backwards. Most of them are awful. This constant flux of pop music essays. Just who cares? The trouble is, most modern novels actually LOOK very interesting. Jacket design is 80% of the pull. You buy it, get it home, and itís straight into the bin. And you sit there thinking, Ďwell, what now?í."

Rolling Stone: "Can we expect a new album soon?"
Morrissey: "Yes, as soon as I find a new record label. This has been the longest pause between recordings that Iíve ever had, only because my last label (Mercury) collapsed, and there were lots of legal wranglings as the artists tried to get themselves released. I was very lucky because some groups had actually recorded new albums which wouldnít get released because the label was finished. But the groups werenít allowed to take their recordings with them, and the masters were kept by the new company who bought Mercury, and by law the artists are not allowed to re-record those songs for another seven years! What an awful mess to spring on anyone."

Rolling Stone: "Is God alive?"
Morrissey: "Iím far too provincial to answer that question."